Education: Bachelor in Media Science

Experience: Minimum 1 year (preferably from a software house background)


  • You will be responsible for monitoring overall search engine performance for SEM campaigns.
  • You will implement search strategies and track the effectiveness of new and existing campaigns. (Execute marketing campaigns using Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, and other ad platforms.)
  • You are expected to produce daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting; assigned analytic projects; and produce independent analysis to help search engine strategy. (SEO technical analysis and evaluation)
  • You will use a wide range of digital outreach and community engagement techniques to support and drive messaging for brand awareness
  • You will contribute to social media and community channels and help to improve brand awareness and engagement. (SMO)
  • You will take responsibility of content creation and general administration of the brand website. (optimize on-site content for maximum visibility and ranking in the major search engines)
  • You will assist with developing interesting and effective content when required.


  • Understanding of Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc.
  • Basic understanding and skills of web development & HTML, Wordpress etc.
  • Enthusiasm for ever-evolving social media trends, and the digital marketing landscape at large,
  • Track record of increasing reach and engagement through individual leadership and management of brand representation,
  • Passionate about creating and maintain relationships and networks,
  • Confident interacting with customers, both off and online, dealing with complaints and queries,
  • Team player and happy working as part of a large team on common goals.

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